Monday, November 30, 2009

That Knight guy....

Wow another post? Well, this is an animatic for something I'm doing over the break. It's a music video to a song I heard that I just couldn't resist. Keep in mind that this is a rough animatic and things are liable to change from now until the finished product. If you have some advice I'm open to it. I DO NOT CLAIM THIS SONG AS MINE OWN!!!!

This Quarter

It's funny how some people see you. This picture was not done by me but by a friend of mine. I immediately fell in love with this picture since it pretty muched summed up my feelings toward this quarter. Thanks Irene.


Wow, been a while, were to begin. I finished one of the toughest quarters I've ever had at SCAD, I'm about to start my job for the holiday season, and I celebrated my birthday on Nov. 23rd. Life is grand. So enjoy the awesomeness that is AFRO SPIDER-MAN.